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Pony Ride in the Sky

Pony Ride in the Sky

“Pony Ride in the Sky” was my senior year major project – a collection of poetry that, looking back at it now, really captures high school.  I dedicated that project to my grandfather Albert H. Morehead (writer) who met me but who I never really met (since he died the year I was born).  This collection was written during the 1984-85 school


This anthology is many things.  It is a collection of my better recent poetry.  It is a cross-section of my experiences.  It is a short history of my emotions.  And in some cases, an
experiment in creativity.  No one mood or theme sustains it – some poems are light verse, others serious, a few diversions in concrete poetry.  Each poem, however, reflets the specific feeling surrounding its creation.  Reading the anthology cover to cover should resemble a journey hinted at by the title poem.

“Pony Ride in the Sky” has been arranged in sections for several reasons.  Though no section is a beginning and end in itself, each covers a time period or emotion.  The reader is left to define these – no “chapter” is titled.  The book has been separated, also, to provide practical breaks in an extended narrative.

Perhaps it is appropriate to begin a student’s anthology with a definition of poetry by T.S. Eliot, “not the assertion that something is true, but the making of that truth more fully real to us.”

James Morehead, 1985

One Two Three Four Five


At the Copa

The Reyarp


Mistake in Identity


On Vacation

Back Again

Two Hour Tuesdays



Desert Snow


“black ice”


Summer Cyclist


“my shirt”

Pony Ride in the Sky

Piano Player


Patrick Stares into a Dream



The International

Southern Justice


Elevator Shopping


Grey Beneath Sparkling

Silk Suspenders

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