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Poetry from High School 1980-1985

Poetry from High School 1980-1985

Pony Ride in the Sky

“Pony Ride in the Sky” was my senior year major project – a collection of poetry that, looking back at it now, really captures high school.  I dedicated that project to my grandfather Albert H. Morehead (writer) who met me but who I never really met (since he died the year I was born).  This collection was written during the 1984-85 school year.

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Excerpts from Viewless Wings

This set of poems were my contributions to a poetry anthology I edited for a Creative Writing class in Grade 12 at Upper Canada College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A number of copies were printed and distributed throughout the school.  Surprisingly, the anthology was popular despite the bad rap poetry gets in any high school – today or 30 years ago.

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More Poems from High School

These poems represent additinal efforts during high school authored for assignments or just for pleasure.

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