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Coming this June: James Morehead’s debut book “canvas”

March 30, 2021
"canvas" cover - artwork copyright Kari Byron, design by Zoe Norvell

I was introduced to writing poetry by a creative writing teacher in high school. I had always enjoyed writing (and was a shy, voracious bookworm) but hadn’t experimented with poetry. I had the typical high school student’s impression of poetry: boring, hard to understand, and worst of all nerdy. But that teacher was the spark, and during the section on poetic forms I discovered the extraordinary power of poetry: the ability to capture emotion, sound, and movement in a few carefully crafted words. Reading E.E. Cummings, more than any other poet, taught me the design language of poetry.

Over the past forty years I’ve had bursts of creativity and long lulls of blank pages, but always lurking was a need to capture my experiences in words. The year 2020 and its pandemic-induced solitude inspired the poems of which I’m most proud; they lead this collection. Most are autobiographical, in particular the title poem “canvas,” and collectively form a fragmented memoir of memories and melancholy. Some are fanciful, like “tethered,” inspired by a fleeting image seen while hiking the Pacific coastline. All strive to paint images in the reader’s mind through the thoughtful selection and careful placement of words.

Coming June 2021 (pre-order available now) my debut collection “canvas”, published by Viewless Wings Press, will feature poems about life, love and loss. The book features cover artwork by Kari Byron and Alla Tsank. Cover and interior brilliantly designed by Zoe Norvell. To get a sense of how Kari Byron created the incredible cover art, here is a sneak peek into the black powder technique she uses.

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