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north south east west

August 29, 2020

from the north
a pungent scent of vineyard fields
cabernet blended with cherry plum currant
and wisps from an unkempt campfire ember or power line arc or echoed boom of dry lightning

from the south
tendrils of brown reach into california’s blue sky
mixing with grey soot swallowing the sun
from a forest ablaze flames racing through well worn trails chasing cougars into farmers fields and sending suburbanites scurrying for filtered air

from the east
north and south now swirling into one
blazing vineyard fields and engulfed redwoods
while cal fire airtankers soar into the torrent above a caravan of stubby red trucks their smoke hardened occupants chasing the flames

from the west
brisk pacific breeze nudges smoke into valleys
leaving a clear cool salt scented wake
and whispers from a barefooted beachgoer feet sinking in tide moistened sand and for a moment forgetting

and then it was still
winds settle north south east west
moon’s rays refracted through cirrus clouds or smoke?
while distant fires still raging regroup awaiting tomorrow’s current to creep back over rooftops and sneak through a window left absently ajar

SCU Lightning Complex fires
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  1. August 30, 2020 5:33 pm

    So evocative, beautiful. The repetition was so effortless and light. Do you think removing the first word of the last line of each stanza would sharpen it a bit?

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