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Silence too

July 21, 2020

You ask me for silence

So I tug on your earbuds and hide them away
Music fades but in its place the city rumbles
A cacophony of impatient honks and speeding sirens and rubber squealing across asphalt

I need more you say!
So I pause the traffic but in its place the sidewalk hums
A click clack click of hurried heels and pair of yapping poodles and neighbors voices rising

More more more you say!
So I send them on their way but in their place tilt up to the sky
A distant roar of jet contrails and pulsing flutter a circling copter and rustle of a squirrel’s leaping between hickory-oak branches

I still need more you plead
So I clear the skies and shoo the squirrel but in its place the ocean awakes
Clambering seagulls on trade wind swells and surf crashing and the delicate crickle of a fire pit carved in sand

More you plead just a little more!
So I nudge the surf into the ocean depths but in its place your house begins to speak
Creaks from aging floorboards and tickling mice behind your walls and the plip plop of your daughter’s feet

Is there still more you whisper?
So I send your daughter to bed and brush your eyelids still but in their place new sounds emerge
Tingling tinnitus that never fades and rustling fingers between the sheets and the poom poom in your chest

Breathe I whisper back so softly you can barely hear me

Just breathe until in sleep your questions cease

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  1. Lee A Edlund permalink
    July 24, 2020 1:03 pm

    Nice. You have been on quite a roll lately!

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