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May 3, 2020


a snap brings darkness and the crowd comes to life
packed tight in waves that rush towards the stage
while flashlight beams guide the band mates through space
over cables taped snug past speakers humming bright

each stage a glowing wall of sound
synthetic smoke pouring down into the pit
and floating up to refract laser trails
while vari-lites dance to a pulsing beat

on stage robert smith teased into a moody mop
trent reznor rage causing keyboard keys to scatter
siouxie’s banshees revealed through layered curtains
prince preening purple and cabaret voltaire in abstract green

at the fillmore escape the stage head upstairs
past walls papered with psychedelic posters swirling colors
dylan grateful stones hendrix each sold out show preserved
the balcony walls glowing from chandeliers’ crystals


down by market, marquees shine bright
nestled between elegant italian and bustling thai
buzz and anticipation flows past the will call line
finding aisle row seat until the theatre lights dim

this audience is silent ears perked and waiting
from stage left a figure appears from the shadow
“now is the winter of our discontent” he bellows
glorious in the tracking spot of light


three thousand miles east broadway stages are set and dressed
a couple steps onto the curb and through lyceum’s doors
settling into jacket draped seats hands fiddling playbill pages
until the curtain reveals colorful performers in choreographed song


in a northern canadian cathedral a simpler stage is set
beneath a vaulted steeple and its rich acoustic echo
a man caresses a piano a woman teases an oboe
their audience nestled pew row on row in silent solitude


but now the stages are empty and dark
their performers all sheltered in place
uncertain when the spotlights return
their soliloquy songs suspended in space

Fillmore San Francisco

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