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Mawu after midnight

November 3, 2016

The velvet black of after midnight
Darkness rich in new moon’s blur
A siren sing-song distant wailing
And steady humm, mechanical whir

I leave behind cool sheets for shadows
Mawu’s tendrils teasing me through
Past stovepipes puffing tufts of memories
To wispy cumulus mists of blue

Nocturnal sprites mask their dances
Sky cast grey its colors spent
Dreamscape dunes form in the distance
A dusty saddle and monochrome tent

The new moon hints but stays unseen
Pinpoint stars on horizon’s spine
Galactic dust, distant Tucana
Comet trails etch a glittering line

Further out near big bang’s edge
Where Mawu’s creation secrets hide
Upon a throne of glistening carbon
Her song in whispers buried inside

The darkness pure, ever expanding
Through her lifetime forward and back
Time spun and twirled in Escher’s loop
Midnight’s fancy drawn in black

A view of the moon through a portable telescope.
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