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sisters by James Morehead

July 3, 2011


two sisters twirl to a mandolin round
their fresh golden daisies sewn into braids
and eyes that sparkle by autumn’s bright fire
flickering with laughter as embers take flight

two sisters with play swords carved out of pine
parry and thrust on scaligera’s wall-walk
peeking through splays before bursting forward
flying up newel stairs in a race to the turret

far below castle walls lake garda awakes
its smooth mirrored surface shaken out of place
a daisy flies free from emilia’s hair
her sister gives chase to the battlement’s edge
reaching for pedals stolen into the storm

grabbing their swords they race down below
through passages flickering in candlelight glow
over the drawbridge suspended in place
while flashes of anger burst out of the sky

two sisters run to the fog-shrouded shore
their swords and their shields and unraveling braids
melting like sand castles into high tide
leaving ripples of laughter from where they now hide

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