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Purr by James Morehead

July 3, 2011


by James Morehead

another coke
a hazy burn of caffeine
pump down the window
a cool burst of darkness
hand extended flying in the wind
                                                    (a trick to stay awake)
tape selected click
music folded into the purr of wind
engine hum through my spine
insects flicker in reflected headlights
carving a path through a moonless night

lightening flash
                          high beam attack from a hilltop crest
roadsign reflecting
                              glance right
                              toronto 385
blink left raccoon stare
                                     frozen mirrored light
                                                                      no time

a split second of flesh and steel

a sickening crack
                             the broken body rolling beneath
                                                                                 behind me
in darkness

shivering to forget glowing eyes
and held in fatal awe
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