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portraits of red and grey #12 by James Morehead

July 3, 2011

portraits of red and grey #12

by James Morehead

deep into hollowed holes
steep stretched escalators test my nerves
i reach the bottom and fear's forgotten
unfolding like thin sheets of gold
subway walls
and corporate graffiti
replaced by ornate beauty
fountains stages paintings marble
dreamy moonlit towering magnificent
a sparkling atlantis
a treasure chest cavern
hidden and buried in stone

phil is missing
                       press of travelers a crowded platform
shouts from behind
                               he's running ( frightened )
shouts in russian
                           a red card flashing arms waving

a man steps into his path


marshie quickly gives directions
                                                    and leaves us
chasing phil and his captors

we huddle
a small group in frank's room
trying to joke ( for hours )

we hear from phil
he was caught trading money
                                               ( five canadian dollars for ten russian rubles )
his captors asked for a signed confession
and a promise to never return

midnight and they return
it doesn't feel like spring vacation
it is dark and close and cold

Next in portraits of red and grey…

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