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music for an abandoned warehouse by James Morehead

July 3, 2011

music for an abandoned warehouse

by James Morehead

a splattering of applause
and a low rumbling subway train
drift about a recovered warehouse alcove

hints of streetlight sneak through water-spotted panes
mixing with filtered stagelight
and settling silent on paint-speckled floorboards

discordant jabs of sound fly from a frantic
swaying clarinet player's squeaking feet
that criss-cross a boxy platform

a lonely photographer tip-toes
                                                casting tell-tale shadows
his tripod carefully carried clunks
while pudgy fingers focus
the shutter shuts freezing a paused spotlight

a finale not released
its echoey voice disappears in plastery cracks
shifting floorboards
and a whirring reel of tape

two rows of battered buildings
stand silently outside
scarred by exhaust fumes flame and vandals
huddled close and cold
ignored by passing headlights

hidden behind tattered curtains in a burnt out room
lifted four stories above the alcove
an older man holds his eyes to the stage
                                                                 tempted by a trickle of music
squinting determined
following grimy distorted shadowy mimes
and patiently tasting his bottle of wine
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