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midnight wanderer by James Morehead

July 3, 2011

midnight wanderer

by James Morehead

the wanderer glides through midnight darkness 


from work working late
wandering silent in multi-spectral gadgets' glow
red white green pinpoints of light leading down the hall
one by one by one tentative feeling footfalls
testing for the top step pausing by the landing's turn
white noise patter from the fountain outside
floating in steady hypnotic patterns
a clutch lurch and wurr as the furnace awakens

camoflaged by fountain and furnace
feeling along in deepening darkness
hand follows the wall
footsteps path traced in memory
sleeping daughters sleep surrounded by dreams' ebb and flow
blow a midnight kiss
then back down the hall to pause in moon's crest
creeping out from behind shifting clouds
then gone

pupils black and wide to steal light in darkness
shadows whisper
dresser to the left nightstand to the right
slide into sheets under covers
nestle sideways breath held tight
sense her breathing rise and fall
eyes close shadows stolen blackness total
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