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limano by James Morehead

July 3, 2011


a wooden door abandoned for a horse barn built of stone
a courtyard colored with wild flowers sitting all alone

an aging calico creeps by pursuing phantom mice
the baker's wife throws open shutters to fill the air with spice

connected stone a wall of brick create the mountain roads
roads carved from apuane ridges for mule cart heavy loads

the roads lead up from serchio's bed - the best stones to be found
stones fallen from a higher place before resting on wet ground

beneath the church bells you may find cool water running clean
out from a spout of aging brass a liquid cool serene

tucked behind a soaring tower curved walls from granite born
a tunnel of arches sun and shadow a cool breeze in the 'morn

cool breeze hints of batter mixed from ground chestnuts flour
necci cooked on ferri baked for the lunchtime hour

the only sound for careful ears that search the mountain air
a distant peel a child's laughter from a traveling fair

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