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City Dweller by James Morehead

July 3, 2011

City Dweller

by James Morehead


don’t be angry when a computer spits out your card
falling on the floor
as you stumble to catch it

and you are locked out of
your porsche convertible
don’t be angry

just try your card again
when you stumble to catch it
your keys will magically appear


downtown time theory states quite clearly that travel time is a function of rush hour
a concept conceived in the back of a northbound taxi at five o clock rushing home to sleep on the couch


apartment blocks are not a function of space conservation
they may be equated
to the abstract principle of conflict prevention through anonymity

case in point

a three week old corpse and german shepherd
howling through sound proof cage enclosed windows
discovered when the police came to evict for unpayed rent


public housing gangs
with guns held in brass knuckled fists
clenching stolen money

a pawn shop proprietor
counting out fifties
for the next protection payment


isn’t it easier to witness a crime with fifteen friends from work
than spend a quarter on a two minute phone call
when the operators are out on strike

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