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untitled by James Morehead

July 2, 2011


by James Morehead

my shirt
water filled
clings to the hole in my shoulder
          deep inside
lead poison gnaws toward my heart
sapping strength and courage

in chilled air
the only heat
                     from flowing blood and pain
sinking deeper in thickening mud

my eyes
   fearing a point of light
   in green darkness
my ears
   straining to hear footsteps
   amid distant canon fire
or a safetycatchclick
   before the hammer falls

behind a bright flash and delayed roar
the ground turns
                           throwing me back
a flash that blinds my eyes
                                          deafens my ears
and streaking through the chaos unheard
a second bullet carves my chest

i search for the tunnel of light
leading to promised heavens 

only to shudder and howl
as darkness devours me

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