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The International by James Morehead

July 2, 2011

The International

by James Morehead

passing amtrak shadowland
grey slums
                  broken windows
                                            weathered graffiti

lone coughing teenager
hurls a stone
missing the train

"next stop
                battle creek"

seven hours to go
batteries running low
but walkman's constant pounding
is little company

grey slums
                  broken windows
                                            graffitied billboards
"lansing michigan"

noisy teenagers screech
squeeling a punctured plymouth
inches to spare

constant in-out passenger hustle
nameless faces that blend
                 a young girl
                 golden curls
            crystal turqoise eyes
             sits across the asle
catching my eyes each time they wander
                   and linger
                   and dream
            erasing the grey slums
             and broken windows
             that pass behind her

a painful conductor's whistle
                                             she's gone

in my wonder i fail to notice

"last stop

a cool breeze greets me
on the platform

Next in Pony Ride in the Sky

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