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Silk Suspenders by James Morehead

July 2, 2011

Silk Suspenders

by James Morehead

take me away
far away
to a city in the clouds
suspended by silk threads
swaying in cool breeze

leave me by the front gate
on the north side
i'll wander through tranquil gardens
forever stopping to probe rich air
air filled with the yellowpurplelavender
of a thousand flowers

when soft shadows begin to grow
i'll walk down cobblestone lanes
unmarred by carriage wheels
past marble shops
with lace-curtained windows
                                              a pet store
with laughing collies
from the bakery next door
a warm thick scent
holding me in temptation

and whenever i feel dull
or bored
i'll use my sharpened razor
to cut another silk thread
and feel the city shiver
beneath my feet

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