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Rendezvous by James Morehead

July 2, 2011


by James Morehead

meet me on the stairwell
                                         the other side of closed doors
beneath the neon city's glow

i wait breathlessly
                             for steam from the door
in dim yellow light
making fairy tale shadows
with calloused hands

you seem to ask
                            "would you care to join me
                            for a drink?"
i follow
delaying awhile while you cross the street
hesitant when you seem to turn
buy a paper at the corner
                                          as you tie your shoe

are we here?
it is beautiful
                      your roses
and china dolls in darkness
                                            silent and sleeping
like     you
your room
a plush scene of flying geese
                                                across your bed
across you
where i lay my hands
so coarse
along smooth pink sheets
along you

is it time to go?
it has been


and thank you

Next in Pony Ride in the Sky

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