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Elevator Shopping by James Morehead

July 2, 2011

Elevator Shopping

by James Morehead

waiting for the elevator
not exactly
if i'll go up or down
of course
that family knows
they have too many parcels
                                             for the subway

if i were to bet
it would be in favor of their going up
to the parking garage

there are always more parcels now
near christmas time
                                and winter
more buried arms fighting in line
more angry push wars
                                     mad fumbling

not like february
elevators pass unburdened
until the cleaning staff
heads for more supplies

a blind man
tugged by a keen shepherd
decides to go down
past ground
                   and one below
where only those authorized go

the elevator returns for waiting passengers
a small boy
the franticmotherdragginghisbrother
and scolding
no time to watch
my elevator has arrived
with a signal from the security guard

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